Thursday, December 9, 2010

Silver Turnaround

Just finished Freddy Krueger worth epaulets. Tried new techniques and materials on these. Actually this was real silver- spike themed month to me couse made quite a few of them. New Year is coming with silver.. and lot's of snow here in Latvia..


  1. Fantastic! Did you solder it together?

  2. Thank You!
    This is all textile base and spikes are sewn on and studded together.

  3. So yeah. I actually came across your Epaulets on etsy the other day and just found your blog today from someone else writing about you. I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR EPAULETS LIKE THIS FOR TWO YEARS NOW! I am a huge fan of Black Eye Peas and love this Avante Garde Look!If you have anymore of these silver ones, cann i pleassse buy a pair or two?