Monday, January 31, 2011

Googling Around

Googling around and found sweet and theatrical costume using my epaulets. I really admire her sketches and creativity putting together such a different pieces! Read the post here and blog here.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Black Story. January.

Now when January is almost at the ending point I can see, that it was the black themed month for me.
Almost every piece I've done is black, heavy detailed and beadad with hematite stones, glass, beads and crystals. Some are simply clustered, some have strict ornamentation. Epaulets are really weighting close to 0.5kg per pair.. pretty much for Your fragile shoulders and pricey for shipping, but never mind - that's the cost of having real thing.
Black ans silver.. Hmm.. I feel like need some colors now ..

Crazy Shoes

For those who know me this post probably will seem strange, but I couldn't stay away of thees beauties.. Plenty of inspiration for DIY crafters, and not only to use on shoes but everywhere.. Perfect clusters, chains, spikes, feathers and sparkling stuff..
Of course if You are ready to spend a fortune, here is real stuff on House of Gasoline Glamour