Monday, April 27, 2009

EST Weekly Challenge - INSOMNIA

European Street Team has a very stimulating weekly challenges hosted by team members.. Unexpectedly Karuski choose my Blue Flowers Pincushion as a winner for weeks theme MY FLOWERS

So now it's my time to announce the new theme - INSOMNIA
Not very original, when we talk about crafters and art related people, couse lot's of our ideas comes from hours and hours of sleepless nights and early mornings when mind is full of surreal ideas.
But that makes this theme totally free - you are welcome join in with your entries by next Monday at 21.00 Latvia time (GMT +2), please convo me through Etsy. I will add all entries to my blog as they're coming in.
Good Luck crafting! And sleep tight tonight!

And here we go!

alatvian - Divided Heart for Mom/Dad

YLOjewelry - Insomnia Necklace Lava with Turquoise and Silver

kraplap - Caffeine Molecule Coaster

staroftheeast - Insomnia Necklace

karuski - R o s e earrings

karmologyclinic - Maze Embroidered Coasters

swiedebie - Insomnia

amoronia - Insomnia Fly Brooch

vaisto - Night of Lizard - leather cuff

ingermaaike - Insomnia handspun BFL yarn

Vilte - Night Butterflies

Ayca - ThE CoLoR Of The NiGhT...

toosis - Red and Yellow eye Ring

strumpfkunst - INSOMNIAC Sock Monkey

Sumikoshop - Owl Bracelet

psarokokalo - Eye pincushion

LeelaBijou - Insomnia Ring

Kreativlink - Insomnia, Painted Fabric Journal

Here is mine sweet welcome to my blog- I am Listening Eye Mask
Thank You All!!!

Few More Pincushions

I had scraps of natural linen fabric - too small to make something wearable, and I decided to continue the theme with pincushions and add some lace to brighten them up.. few beads as well - I think they make perfect gift for someone who loves sewing and needlework.

Scarlett Corset Story

Some time ago my teammate from Latvian unofficial beaders club žagatasbode Sandija involved me in some very interesting project- She wanted to make bead embroidery on corset. Choice of color was stunning - bright red, as bright as her talent is.. So we started.. and after two months here is the result - corset fit to the princess, spoled girl or fragile lady.

Sandija is a blogger to, You can visit her blog and see her beautiful beadworks here:

Friday, April 24, 2009

Treasuries Of The Week

Etsy International by CiaffiSand in my shoes by XauXau
White light by CocoBeans

all 4 you mom by theBeadAerie

I wasn't sure about those pincushions, but in the first week they made up to FP.

Thank You Ladies! It is so great!

Friday, April 17, 2009

To Bead Or Not To Bead...

I have very much doubts lately about my etsy shop and beaded things in it.. probably it's up to bad economics, but the tiredness is so obvious. I just can't bead when my head is bumping around with stupid news on tv, screaming politicians and so on.. Have some stunning custom projects, that are gonna be finished soon. And as a relax therapy for myself made some pincushion from linen. Some beads jumped on it as well, so I guess, not everything is lost. Just have to take some timeaut ..

EBW April Challenge - Time Machine Winner!

The April EBW Challenge had 31 entries, with 629 votes in total, and 119 of them went to the winner - 12. Time machine - beadsbyvezsuzs.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I love treasuries!

And I love all the curators that put their imagination and time creating lists of beauties and real treasures.. I've been lucky again and been featured in so many beautiful treasuries this week, that I just run around smiling and laughing all the time. You just have to see them! Thank you friends!!!
SURE by happyment
222 by diraline
Pink Spring by YLOjewelry
Hot And Very Cool by nansglam
Done in the fly.. by pjlacasse
It's a woman's world by vilte
Time travel with EBW team by nemeton
EBWC by enchantedbeads
Tripy by vaisto
Beadwoven Nr.2 by MacrameByMaja
And here are two mine child's of imagination
Sepia dreams
Make Me SmileThank you ladies! And let's do it again!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Etsy BeadWeavers April Challenge - Time Machine

The entries for the challenge are in! They are as always simply beautiful, creative and amazing! Etsy Beadweavers took the time and have the talent to create these inspiring challenge pieces! Tiny little beads and a needle and thread along with incredible patience bring these selections to you to vote and choose your favourite at etsy beadweavers blog !

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bunch Of Treasuries

There are lots of treasuries lately. I'm sorry for not posting them as they come, but I've been busy with some projects.. So there they are!

Columnus by FebistanDesigns
Fantastic4 by enchantedbeads
SECRETS curated by happyment
Lacocone curated Crazy Rainbows
Mine Do Not Blink
And on the top of everything XauXau
curated great list , and it made it to the FP
To be beautiful for him

Thank You Ladies!