Monday, April 27, 2009

EST Weekly Challenge - INSOMNIA

European Street Team has a very stimulating weekly challenges hosted by team members.. Unexpectedly Karuski choose my Blue Flowers Pincushion as a winner for weeks theme MY FLOWERS

So now it's my time to announce the new theme - INSOMNIA
Not very original, when we talk about crafters and art related people, couse lot's of our ideas comes from hours and hours of sleepless nights and early mornings when mind is full of surreal ideas.
But that makes this theme totally free - you are welcome join in with your entries by next Monday at 21.00 Latvia time (GMT +2), please convo me through Etsy. I will add all entries to my blog as they're coming in.
Good Luck crafting! And sleep tight tonight!

And here we go!

alatvian - Divided Heart for Mom/Dad

YLOjewelry - Insomnia Necklace Lava with Turquoise and Silver

kraplap - Caffeine Molecule Coaster

staroftheeast - Insomnia Necklace

karuski - R o s e earrings

karmologyclinic - Maze Embroidered Coasters

swiedebie - Insomnia

amoronia - Insomnia Fly Brooch

vaisto - Night of Lizard - leather cuff

ingermaaike - Insomnia handspun BFL yarn

Vilte - Night Butterflies

Ayca - ThE CoLoR Of The NiGhT...

toosis - Red and Yellow eye Ring

strumpfkunst - INSOMNIAC Sock Monkey

Sumikoshop - Owl Bracelet

psarokokalo - Eye pincushion

LeelaBijou - Insomnia Ring

Kreativlink - Insomnia, Painted Fabric Journal

Here is mine sweet welcome to my blog- I am Listening Eye Mask
Thank You All!!!


  1. Congrats on winning the challenge and great new theme!

  2. wonderful theme !!!

    according to me it is totally original and brilliant

    looking forward to working it out...


  3. Congrats on winning and I am already feeling ideas whizzing around in my head.

  4. Thanks for a new theme, it sounds familiar but will be hard to transform into a real item:) A challenge!


  5. Ooooh.... I have to think about this one. In the wee hours of the night, of course! :D

  6. Congrats on winning! I love the new theme, I´m a midnight owl lol.

    Thanks for adding me!

  7. congrats on winning! highly original theme :D

  8. wow the entries are all so beautiful!! (and kind of creepy!)

  9. congrats to you as the winner! I think the theme is great and hope maybe to have time to make something!
    ~Emily x

  10. ho! super intros i especially love the monkey !!!

  11. This was an awesome challenge to participate in! Really cool theme. :)