Sunday, February 21, 2010

Melting blues away..

Last week was so strange for me.. lot's of snow here in Latvia , melting icicles dropping from roofs and I was in the *doing nothing* phase.
And then came Thursday and stars made some astrological positive loop around me, because there were two publications that made me move much faster..
First one was interview with binka un some local portal written by Rita Pētersone - Lazdiņa. It is all in latvian and featuring few of my creations. here is the link to that
And in the same day Etsy admin marymary choosed my epaulette and title for her storque spotlight! Wow.. and then started blast of interest and wiews and convos from etsy people... wow! First time in my etsy history I had so much attention in such a short time LOL
here is link to that

Well thanks to both these features I'll be very busy right now with no time to languish and drone.
Well, back to work :) here are first epaulettes that I made yesterday. Based on same chain reaction idea here is even more spiky variation :


  1. Congrats Binka! I hope the attention will last for a longer time! :)

  2. I found your shop and blog from this Etsy spotlight. I just love your creations and I linked your photo and Etsy shop in my blog, too. My nickname is Polkovnik (Pulkvedis in latvian??) and therefore I really like your epaulettes. I'm waiting for pink-one :)