Friday, June 12, 2009

blush in the rush

My new passion - beaded beads :))
I tried to make them using some schemes from the net, but finally figured out, that you need exact size beads for good result. So I tried to make them up myself and see what I came up to >>>

BTW the voting on is open till june 15! You are welcome! ( My favorite is Nr 13 if you wanted to know :)) )


  1. Is it not just the most fun to find out stuf and play around :-D

  2. Skaistas tev tās pērlītes sanākušas! Es jau arī netaisu pēc gatavām shēmām. Konkursā, starp citu, arī nobalsoju par 13. :D

  3. Your beaded beads earrings are great!!

  4. Gorgeous earrings!
    P.S.I've tagged you (check out my blog, follow the rules and have fun)!