Monday, September 19, 2016

Tassel Epaulet

Once in a while something gets in my soul very deep. Recently I've came across breathtaking embroideries by Michele Carragher. She was embroiderer on Games of Thrones costumes. You can visit her page and see her amazing work here >>
Extremely detailed and poetic embroideries inspired me to create this epaulet. 

I used deep blue Swarovski crystals in gilded settings, Brazilian agate, glass bead embroidery and handmade tassels. Bit of smocking and my new favorite french knot embroidery. 
Color scheme - gold, brass, teal, grey, blue and purple.

At first my thought was to cover left side with velvet lining as I usually do, but then I realized that the back side is as much interesting as the front since it shows thousands of stitches and color combinations. So I left it like that

Hope You enjoyed my time travel to the enchanted kingdom. 

Hugs! Binka

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