Friday, September 30, 2016

How to reanimate the long forgotten project

It happens time to time that something sticks in Your closet for a while. Kind of well made, kind of beautiful. And You wonder why it doesn't sell? Not talking about unfinished projects, I have a lot of them too, but this time it is more about finished and polished pieces. I think lot of us etsy sellers can relate to this question. You try to change photos in the listing, try to make new ones to show the piece better. And then You feel that this is enough. Not gonna relist it anymore. Let it perish in the forgotten box at the top of the closet.

Well here is my long forgotten piece. Created in 2012.


Found it and decided to reanimate. 
Took the fringe off.
Added more lace.
Added a bit of sparkles.
Added the fabric rose.
Added the tassels.
Added the lining.
Took the photos.
Listed on etsy again ... The cycle repeats. Hopefully with better luck this time.

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