Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hi there!

Hello, friends!

I'ts been a while since I made my last post here.. Guilty, I know..
Almost 3 Years I've been creating stuff and didn't wanted to say much about it. It was mostly very beautiful and challenging, but at the same time it spoke for itself.
Today something changed. I woke up with the idea just to look back and shut the blog down, but started to write instead. Not sure if someone reads it still :D

Anyway,  I hope to return here more often now with the newest creations and more insights of the process.

Since kids are at school again and I have more time free from brainwashing, I can tell more about my newest passion. It's EMBROIDERY (who would have guessed) !!! Accidentally I've started to mix my bead embroidery with the classic embroidery techniques and fell in love with it. I know, it makes the finished products more like mixed media items, but it's way more fun creating when You don't know how it all gonna end. Here is first attempt with embroidery on tulle :

 At first I thought it might be some kind of belt detail, and then it suddenly turned into the crown.
Changed shape, moved cornflowers around a bit ..

And here it is - with deep sapphire blue cornflowers, bit of gold and off white pearls. Can You spot the french knot between the beads?

Now I hope that  this crown will find its head soon. Maybe some romantic vintage loving bride or some cornflower shop owner or some country girl who wants to be princess.. a girl can dream, right?

Well.. That's it for today. But promise return a bit more earlier than 3 years now. I have few more stories hidden in the closet..

Love to see You here! 

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