Saturday, May 14, 2011

I've been bad bad girl..

Sorry for such a long non posting. I was running against the time with my waiting list.. Not even close to the end and every day there are few more requests I can't say strait NO and just adding and adding.. I've noticed that instead of making life easier I started to make it more difficult and instead of simplicity my designs become more complicated and more time-taking, so please please please enjoy this madness :) For people who are beading and complaining that this technique is not popular, I suggest think a bit different - change attitudes and try out new styles, follow the trends and look for originality and freshness. Most important - follow Your dreams.
Here are few of my march-april-may pieces randomly..

I guess You remember this magnificent trap by my husband Martin:) I can whisper that he is working on new piece now, it will be something in art noveau style.. so fingers crossed..

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