Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Moms are Heroes

Previous was hard week for me. Lots of unfinished local projects and bills, bills, bills in the mailbox made me depressed and angry. As a result here are my two treasuries -

...want to scream...

and ...strings and wings...
Then came mothers day..
I made treasury thinking of my mom and her favorite grey and blues. admin choose it to be on FP on monday morning. When my mom came, I showed her the list, and her absolute favorite was Iris the Optimist by yourdoll. Just what I needed - a little drop of optimism and love from my family and mom.

And now - have to continue crafting and hope for the better times :)

And thank you for those who included my items in their treasuries. It is good to feel support and big shoulder of your team behind :)


  1. You've made some beautiful treasuries, thank you again for the frontpage feature!
    Bills can be depressing, hope you are feeling better now!

  2. Sending you a teddy bear hugs! : )

  3. Remember you also have a shoulder in the Netherlands. After the rain is always coming sinshine. Hugs. Grandma62