Friday, March 27, 2009

Latvians Unite !

Today XauXau started new team Latvia. As we are not many Latvians here on Etsy it will be very easy to communicate with each other. I dare to say that Latvian artists have a very good taste in style, elegance, kitsch etc. And that is why it seemed so important to make Latvia's team. To gather all Latvian artists to show the rest of the world our creativity!
To join this team just contact XauXau!
Te ir Google group Etsy TeamLatvia , latvieši apvienojamies!

I was so proud Alise proposed me to make banner for new team. Tried two color schemes, and here they are:

My favorite is first one- kind of old school :)
And this is for easter


  1. I wish you all the best with your new group!

  2. Good lcuk with the group!
    I love the Eater banner ;)

    Do "foreign" Latvians qualify for the group?

  3. Ok, "good LUCK" and "EASTER" was the meaning :)