Friday, February 6, 2009

Latvian Wool artist - Rudu

Today something different - wool and bead artist Rudu

A bit about me. I'm rudu or my real name is Kristīne Rublovska. I'm 23 years old and right now my main activity is Gabriel's (my 2 years old son) upbringing . I was born in Talsi - it's small Latvian town on nine hills. Talsi is a place of my heart and inspiration.

Making jewelry is my hobby, but slowly it becomes more and more serious occupation. I like to learn new things and experiment. My favorite source material is wool. I adore needle felting. In this process fantasy and possibilities have no borders. I love colors and I like to play with them.

The main source of my inspiration is nature - flowers, plants, animals, different forms and textures. I'm person of feelings. I like to see, catch, touch, smell, taste and something from all of that to put in my work. I also like to make jewelry from wire and different pearls and stones. Overall also in my daily life I'm trying to create my own rudu world.

My dream is small cute shop with special atmosphere, where people can come and feel like in another reality - away from drabness and routine. Oh yes, I also like to write fairy tales, stories and take a pictures.
Here you can enjoy rudu galerie and her home page (it's in latvian, but worth to look at her wonderful felted animals and earrings )


  1. Oh my what talent! The teddy bears and poodle are adorable and the fruit and flowers so pretty. Thank you so much for featuring this artist!

  2. Lovely work. I love the teddy bears and the poodle. Thank you for letting us know about her.

  3. Lovely work. I love the teddy bears and the poodle