Monday, February 9, 2009

Latvian Bead Artist - Karina Akišina

She is young and fun and her beads are vivid.

Hi, my name is Karina, I live in Riga, the capital of Latvia. Beading is my hobby since summer 2007, before that I didn’t know anything about handmade things. So I’m happy because I’ve found such an excellent way to express myself, to create something and bring some extra joy to my relatives and friends, though basically female relatives and friends Smile

Making jewelry for them lets me to know them better! Also, I began to pay more attention to colors, to study them and their combinations… Actually I just loved colors, I didn’t like earlier – like pink, which has so many beautiful nuances!

I’ve tried several techniques, now mostly interested in seed beads and polymer clay. So there is indefinite number of possibilities, techniques, and methods… to be inspired!!!
You are welcome to see and comment Karin's gallery on flickr