Monday, February 2, 2009

Latvian Bead Artist - Gunta Sakse

Today I want to introduce you to wonderful artist Gunta (known as kurmiic too :) )
She is florist who lives in a farm and founds time for beading and does it with passion and love.
See what she wants to tell about herself-
My name is Gunta. I'm 30 and I live in small village far from city rush and noise. It's almost in the middle of forest where winters are snowy and road cleaning from snowbanks often takes several days. Lakes and ponds are frozen so we can skate. In springtime cranes are dancing around and foxses hunting for mouse. At summer and fall wood is full of berries and mushrooms, meadows are blooming with flowers and I love to geather herbal tea. Cherries and strawberries are eaten by birds. When fall comes does help geather apples from ground and boars eat potatoes from fields. It is some kind of country exotic which helps me live. I am inspired from nature, fresh ear gives me strength and country rythm brings piece.

I thank God that He gave me possibility to live life like this, lots of time and opportunities to develop my hobbies. One of them is beadweawing. It is kind of art therapy for me, process is important. I create colorful ornaments which maybe are not so typical for latvians. I use lots of seed beads, probably because the result is not fast but you have to work on it some time, fulfilling with my thougts dreams and immagination. I've been working with polymerclay and wire as well. But my favourite materials are all kind of beads. If you are interested in Guntas beaded projects you can look through her gallerie pages!


  1. It is so wonderful to read about the artists you are presenting here. Such beautiful work and I love their stories. God bless you all in Latvia!

  2. Beautiful work. I love her beadwork.